"..painting is silent poetry & poetry is painting that speaks.."

Bright Star 

A bright star
Burning a trail across the sky
An uncharted path
Only you can light the way
Walk your path in mist, in light
But walk it all the way
Be who you are meant to be, do what you must do 
Laugh deeply, love unconditionally
Listen to your inner wisdom, for it is your best guide 
Live life no one else can do it for you
Be a worrier but do not worry 
Free the mind, to find the spirit 
Burn bright, strong and true
Be a shining star 
Use the light unique to you


Language of Art 
Think it, ink it, do it
One for me,
Two for thee ,
Think it, ink it, do it
Finishing a chapter
Farewell the heroes
Mastermind the direction
As we sail the continental drift
Time is but a small fee
Sign the rights to our tale
Leave space to fill in the blanks
Improvise a setting
A place to put down roots
Tying our fates together
Shadows in the night
Strangers of the day
Nameless faces, familiar in their way
Play your broken record
Feel the token novelty
Locals thoughtfully display
Wear a mask of wonder,
Animate dusty memories
Be one of a common bread
Head the tools of a tourists trade
Click and tick
Feeding experience
Oh nameless face
With your lost identity
Buy the soles of the many
To fulfil the need in you
Look up
To where giants storm
Where dances form
Mournful, joyful
See natures force toy with fate
Wispy promises,
Ominous armies
Sights of mortality
Untamed mighty forces
Judge us from above
Twisted dreams
Sinful sinners
Damaged goods
Key master of sanity
Hidden scars faded by time
Skeletons locked away
Key rusted by salt
Shadowed memories
Blurred as a new dawn
Confessions made
Promises given
A secret shared
Tall Poppies
Tall poppies
Cut down in their prime
Berried with haste
Fertilising foreign soils
In time
New growth blankets old bones
Memories remain fresh
Branded into a young nation
Worn out of respect
A nod to those
Lost blooms of youth
We are the doomed youth
Shadows guarding bones
Enemy, friend
All held in deaths final embrace
Years pass,
people come and go
Seeking to remember
Wanting to forget
Pointless youth
No victors lie here
Beneath this foreign sun
Only brothers, fathers, husbands
Seek to remember
Try to forget
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